A Tribute to Bart Halladay

On May 30th 2019, the Delaware Valley Business and Professional Network lost Bart Halladay, one of our core members.

President Chris Mikus had the following to say about Bart. " Bart was always helpful to me by offering different marketing ideas that helped my business. You could tell he was a proud grandparent by the way he spoke of his girls."

Virgie Vakil said "Bart is remembered as a wonderful friend and networking colleague. He had the biggest heart; always ready to assist where he could in giving business development advice. We miss you Bart."

Bart was an instrumental member by always helping the membership out anyway possible. He took the time to reach out to new members like Carmen Vitanza. Carmen had the following to say about Bart. “As I was a newer member to the group I didn't know Bart that well. But when I got to know him for the short time that I did, Bart gave me some insight to really help me with things. One great thing with Bart was his humorous approach to things. I had some great conversations that made working more enjoyable as well as hilarious voicemails in the few weeks that I got to know him and it made me feel welcome to the group. ”

Debbie Coin added that "Bart had years of experience as a salesman and was always ready to share his hints with you. In addition, he took the time to find out who you were and your interests and would ask about them when we got together for our meetings. He was one of a kind."

Rodger Conely shared the following about Bart "Bart [The Master Marketer] was always looking out for others in regards to promoting their businesses with great ideas and enthusiasm. My personal regret was not being able to go fishing this year with Bart! "The one that got away!""

Harry Gambrill added that "when I first started my carpet cleaning business I first met Bart at the DVBPN in Media. He took a genuine interest in my business and success, mentoring me and offering advice on running a small business."

Outside of the Delaware Valley Business and Professional Network, Bart's work history

includes a long tenure with Scott Paper Co. Bart brings a whole of skills in sales and marketing consulting training in effective selling techniques. Bart also offers professional coaching focusing on organizational skills, time management and developing speaking skills. Expertise in Career Development and finding new jobs.