DBVPN 2.0- How We Got Our New Look

During the quarantine, we have gone through some minor cosmetic changes. Carmen Vitanza from Vitanza Creations was hard at work revamping our image. Carmen is going to share his story on what will be a long-lasting look for the DVBPN.

During the pandemic, honing the design skills has been the main focus of Vitanza Creations by rebranding some of their clients, since this was the only thing that we could do during the pandemic.

For starters, we upgraded the DVBPN logo. This logo was a fun logo to design. We could use a mixture of colors and a perspective to create a unique look. The goal was to come up with something that didn't resemble clipart, but keep the iconic hub with connecting circles and lines coming from it. While toying with perspective tools, the look was coming together into something that could be iconic for the group.

Next came colors. Collaborating with the group to see what they would like, Jim Pace, the group Treasurer, suggested in keeping the colors blue and gold to represent the colors of Delaware County. For our takes on blue and gold, you can reference the images below.

The next issue that needed attention was the text elements of the logo. Since the DVBPN has a diverse range of businesses, using a serif font gives the group a classic and traditional feel. Next, we needed the letters D, V, B, P, and N to stand out. So we made those letters blue and large right next to the icon. After that, we just added a gold divider line and wrote in a dark gray what the DVBPN stands for.

If you like what Carmen did for us, and you would like him to help your business, please contact Vitanza Creations at https://vitanzacreations.wixsite.com/vitanzacreations.