Our Online Presence Story Part 1 - Logo Design

For our initial expert post, our Creative and Technical Specialist Carmen Vitanza will provide insight on how our branding came to be.

I received a Facebook message and a phone call from Nick, who had been a member of the DVBPN for over two years because of a few web design recommendations. This text was about becoming their webmaster and providing technical and creative expertise to the group. I was excited for the opportunity to meet Chris and hear all about the project from Nick. Once we sat down, I made sure that I had digital and print samples ready to go.

I used an 8 step process to create the final logo you are viewing our website:

Step #1- Meeting with the Clients

Chris and Nick met with me and explained their situation. I showed them a few logo samples and gave inspiration from a logo that I designed for PhillyMummers.com and a Philadelphia Union hat that I wore that day.

(insert pics)

Step #2- Research

After the meeting, I hit the search engines looking up icons and logos networking groups. Doing this research helped with shaping the icon part of the logo.

My research then led me to the proposed color palette from the meeting to make sure that the colors reflect their mission statement.

(Get Definitions of colors)

Step #3 Hit the Design Programs

Finally, it was time to hit the graphic design programs hard. I tried a few icons and mixed pallets up as well to reflect the organization, in case if the proposed idea was too bland.

Secondly, I tried a handful of professional-looking fonts to give a taste for the upcoming meeting.

Step #4- Present ideas to members

Once it was time to meet other members of the DVBPN, I had sample ideas in my hand. I met Jim at this meeting as well. Jim, Nick, and Chris loved my logo ideas, and Jim spearheaded in the logo decision. After this meeting, the DVBPN now has a set color pallet and a brand starting to happen.

Step #5- Tweaking and Tweaking

Time to hit the computer and sketch pad to tweak the approved concept and have it ready for the April meeting.

Step #6 Its Showtime!

It was time for me to present ideas to the group. Members loved it as they finally have a concept that was working.

Step #7 Make Adjustments and Re Present

During a DVBPN meeting, a revamp of the logo along with website samples were passed around. The membership was please, but a few minor tweaks were needed. I'm a firm believer in ideas can hit you at any moment. I was at classes when the icon hit me, so I had some space on the side of my notes and drew it out. Then, I went home and modified the logo to its current icon.

Step#8 Fine Tune and Ready to Go

Having more software at my hands; I made the tweaks to the logo. Now it's ready for social media, the website, print materials, and any other items needed.

Below is an infographic summarizing the eight steps that I took using the logo.

A tip for newbie designers is to use this graphic as a guide. This and communication will go along way in creating and inspiring clients.